Filming and photography


Filming is not usually authorized inside the Basilica, out of respect for the perpetual prayer taking place before the Holy Sacrament, which has been on display for over 125 years.
However, it is possible to film outside the gates of the Basilica, without the prior authorization of the Rector but subject to authorization from the City of Paris and the Paris Préfecture de Police.



  • Photography is not permitted inside the Basilica in order to preserve an appropriate atmosphere for prayer. Please cooperate with our security staff.
  • For non-commercial use, the Basilica can provide copyright-free photos
  • For an exceptional authorization to take photos inside the Basilica, journalists may present their project to the Communication Service:

Image rights

Use of the exterior image of the Basilica falls under the competence of the City of Paris.

Advertizing projects involving use of the image of the Basilica should be submitted to:
The Rector will authorize use of the image of the Basilica provided this use respects both the building and the Catholic religion.