360° virtual tour

Discover the history and architecture of the Basilica through this immersive virtual tour.

This online experience allows you to explore every corner of this iconic landmark from the comfort of your own home, or to prepare for your visit.

Admire the Basilica’s breathtaking architecture and feel the spiritual atmosphere that characterises this unique place in the world. Click on the spots to discover other viewpoints:

  • 450 spots to move from one panoramic view to another.
  • 475 information zones to discover the history and architecture of the Basilica.

53 panoramic views

  • 48 360° panoramas: Basilica and domes.
  • 2 High Definition 360° panoramas: the Choir and the Chapel of the Virgin.
    The result of 434 photos taken in 1? hours.
    This level of definition allows you to appreciate every detail of the choir and the Chapel of the Virgin.
  • 1 GIGAPIXELS 360° panoramic: the façade
    The result of 493 photos taken in 2 hours.
    This definition makes it possible to appreciate the smallest details of the façade and the whole of Paris!
  • 2 panoramic 24 GIGAPIXELS: the Campanile and the Grand Dôme
    The Campanile: the result of 426 photos taken in 30 minutes.
    The panoramic from the Grand Dôme: the result of assembling 1,400 photos taken in 3 hours.

Presentation of the interface

  • Thumbnail menu: 8 thumbnails to access strategic viewpoints on the tour.
  • Map: 2 interactive maps to choose the area to visit: domes or basilica.
  • Spotlights: hide or show the visual landmarks of the tour.
  • Info: the information window for each area visited.
  • Sound: to listen to or stop the sound effects (presentation of the chapels, great organ, campanile bells….)
  • Display menu: to hide or display all the elements of the interface.
  • Full screen: to activate/exit full screen mode for total immersion.